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Chic kitchen backsplash with white subway and marble tiles

What Shape Are Subway Tiles?

Subway tiles, a ubiquitous design element in kitchens and bathrooms, are more than just their rectangular shape. This exploration delves into the essence of what defines a subway tile, venturing be...

Modern kitchen with muted grey subway tiles and natural wood accents

Are Subway Tiles Good For Kitchens?

Subway tiles, with their clean lines and enduring appeal, have transcended mere practicality to become a design icon. For decades, they've graced countless kitchens, seamlessly integrating into var...

Elegant marble-like subway tiles in a serene bathroom setting

What Tile Is Best To Pair With A Subway Tile?

Subway tiles, with their enduring popularity and clean lines, hold a special place in design. While classic subway tile backsplashes are timeless, their potential unlocks a world of creativity when...

Elegant taupe marble subway tiles with cookbook and florals

What Is The Best Size For A Subway Tile?

Subway tiles, with their timeless design, offer a surprising range of possibilities thanks to the variety of sizes available. Choosing the right size goes beyond aesthetics; it considers the room's...

Elegant bathroom featuring herringbone-patterned subway tiles with green foliage accent

What Is The Best Way To Lay Subway Tiles?

Step into any trendy cafe or browse through a home design magazine, and you're bound to encounter the timeless elegance of subway tiles. These rectangular ceramic or porcelain beauties, named for t...

Mystic green subway tiles with a watercolor effect create a spa-like sanctuary, enhancing the luxurious freestanding tub

Where Can I Use Subway Tiles?

Subway tiles, named for their iconic presence in New York City's underground haven, have transcended their utilitarian origins to become a design powerhouse. Their enduring charm lies in their vers...