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A New York subway train approaches a station with white subway tiles lining the curved walls and a bright yellow tactile paving along the platform edge

The Origins Of Subway Tile

For generations, subway tile has graced the walls of numerous spaces, carrying with it a timeless appeal. Originally sized at a classic 3” x 6”, today’s versions have evolved, boasting new trends i...

Grand foyer with gray and white checkered floor tiles in a diagonal layout, accented by tall stone columns and lush potted plants for a classic and elegant ambiance

Checkerboard Tile Layouts

The checkerboard pattern, with its simple yet striking arrangement of alternating squares, has been a design staple for centuries. While often associated with classic black and white, the checkerbo...

Bright shower with light blue subway tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern, brass fixtures, and a built-in niche, creating a fresh and luxurious atmosphere.

How Do You Make Subway Tiles Look Expensive?

Subway tiles, the workhorses of the design world, are beloved for their clean lines, versatility, and timeless elegance. However, their classic simplicity can sometimes veer into "basic" territory....

Bright laundry room featuring light grey subway tiles, sleek white appliances, and gold hardware, creating a clean and stylish workspace.

Is Subway Tile More Expensive To Install?

Subway tile's clean lines and timeless appeal make it a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, and even showers. But before diving into this trendy upgrade, a crucial question ari...

Subway Tile Patterns: Top Trends And Timeless Designs

Subway Tile Patterns: Top Trends And Timeless Designs

If you're seeking a timeless yet trendy tile option for your home, subway tile is the perfect choice. This classic type of tile has been a favorite for centuries and remains a popular option today....

Classic black and white chequered floor tiles in a large format, exuding a timeless and elegant appeal for any interior space

How To Lay Chequered Tiles

Laying chequered tiles offers a timeless aesthetic that features alternating black and white squares, reminiscent of a classic chessboard. This style not only provides a striking visual impact but ...