Lavish living area showcasing the elegance of Preston's 8x48 porcelain plank tile in White Oak, beautifully complementing the room's upscale design.

Preston Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Discover the warmth and rustic charm of Preston Wood Look Porcelain Tile, blending the timeless appeal of wood with porcelain's durability. A perfect choice for cozy, inviting spaces.

Elegance Born from Nature

Dive into the captivating allure of the Preston collection. These wood-look porcelain planks perfectly merge nature's timeless charm with modern finesse. Meticulously designed for both residential and commercial settings, Preston showcases nature's imprint, offering the authenticity of forest floors with the robust durability fit for modern doors. Elevate every step with the blend of nature and craftsmanship.

Timber's Touch in Timeless Tiles

Preston 8x48 porcelain plank tile in Birch, highlighting intricate wood detailing and realism. Experience its texture and nuances up close with our AR feature.

Beyond Imagination, Into Reality with AR

With our AR feature, you can visualize how the Preston wood-look porcelain plank tiles will transform your space. Simply tap 'view in your space' on your iPhone in Safari to see the transformation virtually.

View it in AR

Craftsmanship Meets Nature

Explore the authentic wood portrayal in the Preston collection. Seamlessly blending technology and nature, we've crafted tiles that echo real wood's allure, backed by porcelain's longevity.

Embrace a Greener Lifestyle

Our porcelain tiles are crafted with environmental stewardship in mind. Using responsible manufacturing processes, we bring you a luxurious design that's gentle on the planet.

Invest in Longevity

With Prestons Wood-look porcelain tiles, beauty extends beyond mere aesthetics. Supported by our extensive warranty, you can be confident in the enduring worth of your investment.

Minimal care, maximum versatility, for indoors or out.

Icon symbolizing scratch and stain resistance of our porcelain tiles

Resistant against scratches, stains, and harsh chemicals

Icon indicating the tile is fire-safe and can withstand temperatures up to 300°F.

Fire-safe and can tackle up to 300°F temperatures

"Icon symbolizing the product's UV resistance, indicating it won't fade with exposure to sunlight.

Withstands UV exposure and resists fading

Icon representing frost and moisture, signifying the product's performance in frosty and moist environments.

Stands strong against frost and moisture's grasp

Icon of a weight, indicating the product's resilience under shocks and ability to handle significant loads.

Resilient under shocks, solid under significant loads

Preston Porcelain Tile Explained

Unravel the beauty and advantages of Preston Wood Look Porcelain Tiles, merging the charm of natural wood with the enduring strength of porcelain for your spaces.

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