Maximize Your Small Space With Strategic Flooring Choices

Modern interior with black and white checkerboard tiles, reflective glass walls, and a ladder with hanging bags, creating a sleek and geometric aesthetic

Many of us have areas in our homes that seem a bit too cramped, but there's good news: you can visually enlarge these spaces without embarking on extensive renovations. The secret lies in choosing the right flooring, which can significantly alter the perception of your space. 


Modern kitchen with wood look porcelain flooring, a marble island, and hexagonal mosaic backsplash, accented by black stools and stainless steel appliances


Embrace the Wide Plank Trend

We're all about the wide plank trend, especially when it comes to porcelain tiles that mimic the appearance of wood! Why do these planks make your room seem larger? Narrow planks tend to create a cluttered appearance with their many seams, which can highlight the limited space. In contrast, wide planks offer a sleek, unified look with fewer breaks, giving the illusion of a more expansive area. 

Porcelain planks not only bring the aesthetic warmth and natural beauty of wood into your space but also offer unmatched durability and ease of maintenance. This makes them a practical choice for busy areas. Furthermore, the installation of fewer, wider planks reduces material waste and labor costs, making this option both stylish and economical. With their versatility and modern appeal, porcelain wood-look planks are an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their flooring without compromising on style or functionality


Modern entryway with marble look checkerboard floor, light gray bench, woven basket with greenery, and wooden staircase with black railing


Opt for Diagonal Patterns

Diagonal and checkerboard patterns are a dynamic choice for flooring that can significantly enhance the perceived size of a room. These patterns cleverly disrupt the conventional square layout of most spaces, creating visual interest and giving the illusion of a larger floor area. By drawing the eye across the diagonal lines, these patterns expand the room's dimensions in a viewer's mind.

When implementing checkerboard flooring, selecting the appropriate scale is essential to maximize its impact. A checkerboard pattern that's too small can produce a busy, cramped look, detracting from the desired effect of spaciousness. Ideally, larger tiles or contrasting colors in a balanced checkerboard design ensure that the pattern stands out without overwhelming the space. This style not only adds a classic or contemporary flair depending on your choice but also works as a strategic tool to make any area feel more open and inviting.

Select Large Tiles

Selecting large tiles is an excellent strategy to enhance the spaciousness of a room. Unlike smaller tiles, which are often accompanied by numerous grout lines, large tiles minimize visual fragmentation. This creates a cleaner, more continuous look across your floor, effectively making the space appear larger. Fewer grout lines not only contribute to a sense of expansiveness but also lend a sleek, modern aesthetic to your room. To maximize the effect, opt for tiles that complement the scale of your space, steering clear of smaller options that could emphasize its limitations and make it feel more confined.


Modern bedroom with large window, gray upholstered bed, brown bedding, minimalist decor, and a wood look flooring


Color & Design Considerations

After selecting your flooring type, the next critical step is choosing the right color or pattern. A uniform color scheme can create a cohesive and spacious atmosphere, enhancing the room’s overall feel. Dark floors, for instance, add depth and warmth and are particularly striking when paired with a light-colored ceiling, enhancing the room's vertical dimensions.

Conversely, light floors can open up a space, making it feel brighter and more welcoming. To maximize the effect of light flooring, ensure the room benefits from plenty of light, whether natural or through well-placed artificial sources. This illuminates the flooring’s aesthetic and helps create an airy, open environment.

Alternatively, as mentioned previously, introducing patterns such as checkerboard offers a vibrant option that can visually enlarge the space. Using contrasting colors in this pattern adds depth and breaks up the monotony, making the area appear larger and more dynamic.


Entrance area with a wooden console table, decorative items, and wicker baskets. Large wooden doors open to a garden, featuring a spacious checkered tile floor


Furniture and Final Touches

As you finalize your design, careful consideration of the scale and amount of furniture is crucial. Adopting a minimalist approach can significantly enhance the perceived size of your space; by limiting the number of furniture pieces, more of your floor becomes visible, which helps to extend the room’s visual boundaries. This strategy leverages the full potential of your flooring choice and amplifies the sense of spaciousness through clever optical illusion.

Incorporating strategically placed, larger furniture items rather than several smaller pieces can also contribute to a less cluttered and more open feel. Choose furniture with raised legs to increase the visibility of the floor underneath, which further aids in creating an impression of more space. Additionally, selecting furniture that complements the color of your flooring can integrate seamlessly into the overall design, enhancing continuity and flow throughout the room.

By adopting these flooring strategies, we can help ensure that your smaller spaces not only look larger but also feel more welcoming and less cluttered. Let’s make the most of every square inch with smart, stylish flooring solutions!


Laundry room with white stacked washer and dryer next to wooden cabinetry with black handles. White marble-look tiles and hexagonal backsplash tiles enhance the modern aesthetic


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - H2

Explore other common questions about selecting the right flooring to visually expand your small spaces. Whether you're interested in the warmth of wood or of other options, find practical tips and insights here!

How do different flooring looks impact the feel of a room?

The look of your flooring significantly influences a room's ambiance. Wood flooring adds warmth and a classic touch, marble exudes elegance and luxury, concrete brings a modern industrial look, and terrazzo offers colorful flair. Porcelain tiles can mimic these looks effectively, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on style. 

Is it possible to mix different types of flooring in a small space?

Mixing flooring types can be challenging in small spaces as it may create a disjointed feel. If you choose to mix, ensure a seamless transition by sticking to similar colors or textures to maintain a unified look.

How do maintenance requirements vary between flooring options like tiles and hardwood?

Maintenance varies significantly; for instance, hardwood requires regular sealing and can be susceptible to scratches, while porcelain tiles are low maintenance and highly durable, making them ideal for busy areas.

How can I test if a certain flooring will look good in my small space before fully committing?

Edward Martin offers $1 tile samples that will be delivered straight to your home so you can see how they look in your own space under different lighting conditions. Additionally, we also have a cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) tool that can digitally simulate how various floor tiles will look in your room.

Are checkerboard tiles available in styles other than the classic black and white?

Yes, checkerboard tiles have evolved beyond the traditional black and white pattern. Modern tile designs now include options like grey and white, which offer a softer, more contemporary look while maintaining the classic contrast. These subtle color variations can be seamlessly integrated into any room's decor, providing a modern twist on the timeless checkerboard design.

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